2023 Out of the Darkness Walk Highlight Video produced by Lauryn Conway

The Blair County Suicide Prevention Task Force was established in October 2004 under the auspices of the Blair County Mental Health Office.  The task force consists of representatives from various entities with the mission of stopping suicide in Blair County.  The task force developed a strategic plan to address the concern of suicide in the county and they are working to accomplish the following goals:

  • Goal 1:  Maintain an effective Suicide Prevention Task Force in Blair County
  • Goal 2:  Facilitate the implementation of suicide prevention programs in the community
  • Goal 3:  Offer resources to those who have experienced a loss through suicide
  • Goal 4:  Develop awareness strategies for families and other community members
  • Goal 5:  Continue the collaboration among agencies and organizations to identify and address suicide issues
  • Goal 6:  Explore funding sources for the development and implementation of suicide initiatives in the County